About Me

I am a photographer from Coburg, Germany, focusing on analogue black-and-white imagery. I’ve been playing around with cameras for most of my life but never really took this seriously until I picked up a Canon AE-1 at the beginning of 2017. When I purchased this camera from a local shop, it was more out of curiosity than anything; I wouldn’t have imagined this to be such a pivotal moment back then but I’d say today that this is the moment I really started photography.

There’s something about the analogue process that makes me stick with it. I guess it’s about slowing but it’s also about the process itself. Creating photographs using film is not only an artistic process, it is also a craft. Where I had no respect or interest for the technical side of photography when using digital cameras, using manual-focus, manual-exposure cameras and developing my film myself taught me a lot about light and the strengths and weaknesses of photography as a practice. 

These days, my main interest is in landscape and abstract work. After spending the last two years shooting almost frantically and trying my hand at a lot of different subjects and styles, I find the images I most often come back to are of nature and the relationship between light and shadow itself.

Looking back now, I realize that a lot of my trying different styles was ultimately down to ego and chasing likes; producing work I felt was more likely to do well on social media. I’m slowly realizing though that I had it backwards and – although it is very much a process – that the only way to create meaningful work is to create work that is meaningful to myself first. Hearing my own voice is a constant struggle for me as I am quite easily impressed with other’s works; I am slowly getting better at it, though, at least that’s what I’m hoping. 

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